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*  Maureen1998 (F/21/Philippines)
 right now... Be proud of your nickname,by the way Im -muriit😂
*  Dynamite27 (F/-/Philippines)
 right now... I hate TALKSHIT people
*  MYHS_HEART (F/20/Philippines)
 right now... PAACKTIIHHSSS
*  3rshhh19 (F/24/Philippines)
 right now... Globe at tm col
*  Json80 (M/-/Philippines)
 right now... Mornin
*  sky089 (M/30/Nigeria)
 right now... this year 2020 i wish to get married God help locate my woman. shalom
*  bestme (M/22/United States)
 right now... Happy morning earth
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2 evry1 hu hate me
to every one who accuses me of things I didn’t do, to everyone who’s mean to me because I followed my heart, to everyone who hates me for what I look like, to everyone who assumes i’m stupid because of what I look like, to everyo...
13-08-18 11:06:15 | by ysnahverah18
4 u phadz..
please take the time to read it. If you feel the same way you are more then welcome to use it <<< i want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. there are no words to express the feeling...
13-08-06 09:19:50 | by ysnahverah18
today is HAPPY 5th year ANNIVERSARY sana :( babe, one thing hasn't changed, i still love you and i always will -inlove- don't ever think that there was or there will be a time that i stopped or will stop loving you because ea...
15-07-02 19:06:27 | by masterdisaster
I forgive myself.....
I have to forgive myself for been around the wrong people for so long, i should of realy left them before but i never, time has been wasted on them time that i can never get back, time that could have been spent with better people, for...
14-03-13 02:56:14 | by badAngeL
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