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True Love Waits
True love waits. I have attended a talk before when I was in college about the aforementioned topic and its importance just dawned on me recently. It may sound cliché but true love does wait and it is not something we can manipulate n...
19-08-16 07:58:29 | by jenjen
1 of 3 2 of 3 Gotta catch that plane at 7:30 Why haven't you come to say goodbye Time is running out and I'm still waiting I'm so lost without you, I could die Yesterday you said you loved me Everything seemed to be fin...
19-08-15 15:52:30 | by blueherb02
Hindi nalang, kung...
Mahirap maniwala sa isang salita na ang bilis lang binitawan at walang kasiguraduhan. Ganyan ang nararamdaman ko sa tuwing kausap ka. Sa tuwing nakikita ka. Sa tuwing naaalala ka. Parang laging may pagdududa. Hindi ko man maintindihan,...
19-08-15 08:10:09 | by jenjen
Way of twitting/th...
When I want tranismit the message for usefull procedure every body must be understand for the given purpose unless it was leading factor for conflict due to the devastating procedure done by reader. Anwar Nuro Hassen.
19-08-15 01:45:26 | by AnwarNuroHassen
Fast Car by Tracy ...
You got a fast car I want a ticket to anywhere Maybe we make a deal Maybe together we can get somewhere Anyplace is better Starting from zero got nothing to lose Maybe we'll make something Me, myself I got nothing to prove You got...
19-08-14 08:09:00 | by geraldq
Home of the heart!
This girls was the one which keeps the private of self during the time of self introduction which was given for myself depending up on the ongoing responsibility that arised from the intelegency! By Anwar Nuro Hassen.
19-08-13 14:49:51 | by AnwarNuroHassen
true or false ? ...
most men on mobzzy see women here as sexual objects. usually they start out as nice and sweet, they talk to you, they comfort you, they compliment you and then they ask the big question. can i see you naked 😆 what do you think abou...
19-08-13 14:10:47 | by NormallyAbnormal
Way of Understandi...
When I want to explain the method It was difficult to all of us the way could be varified after we could seen and defined what we seen intermes of our view the view could be the main part of internal fealing while we could say internal...
19-08-13 01:04:20 | by AnwarNuroHassen
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