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Kung maninira ka, Dpat mas malinis kpa xa salamin. Kung magyayabang ka, Dpat my ipagmamayabang ka tlga. Kung mangungutya ka, Dpat ndi ka kakutya-kutya. Kung magmamataas ka, Dpat my "k" ka. Kung magfefeeling ka, Dpat my karapa...
13-08-05 08:42:04 | by Guitarhero
i just want to know ur first impression after seing my pics.. its ok f itz bad or gud..its just ur all comments ar important to me. . so please dont hesitate to leave ur comments. . thanks and god bless. . .
13-08-05 08:09:30 | by ___aDnaShIeL___
[Chorus:] Used to be your baby, used to be your lady, thought you were the perfect lover. All the harmony went fallin' out of key, so now you gotta find another. Now you're talkin' crazy, sayin' that you made me lik...
13-08-05 06:45:43 | by kittiekat
..Dont judge me..
Living our lives on a day to day basis, and pursuing our dreams as our heart guides us to, requires us to not care about whether or not people approve of what exactly we are doing. Yet sometimes it is hard to live life without thinking...
13-08-05 06:00:05 | by badAngeL
I cant breathe
I asleep and lay on bed Just close ur eyes and start to pretend That all my dreams has die and turn to end Black asylum close to you Embrace it like your mothers do Wake up and try to ressurect your mind.. This place is weak i cant ho...
13-08-05 04:37:28 | by Athena_vox
sweet quotes
To My Sweet Heart Hold Me . . . Like I m The Last Person You Want In Your Arms . . . ... Kiss Me . . . Like Its Gonna Be The Last Kiss You Ever Going To Taste Hug Me . . . Like You Want Me Forever But Most Of All Love Me . . . Like I m...
13-08-05 03:48:20 | by silentgurl
If a person wants to be a
part of your life, they will
make an obvious effort to
do so. Think twice before
reserving a space in your
heart for people who do
not make an effort to stay.
13-08-05 02:58:26 | by _AaRahaAn_
An0thEr chancE quo...
Second chance?Third chance?Fourth chance?Lhat tau my krapatang mabigyan ng another chance. Another chance na magbago. Another chance pra itama ung mga maling ngawa ntin.and if we get that chance,grab it! Wag mo ng xayangin pa.ipakita m...
13-08-05 00:15:37 | by Guitarhero
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