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Ang baon
ang baon Dalawang linggo nang may relasyon si bf at gf... . . GF: pagod na ako sa kaka-lakad. kain naman tayo sa jollibee? . . BF: wala akong pera . . GF: bakit ba tuwing nagde-date tayo wala ka palaging pera? . . BF: alam mo naman na ...
21-02-26 07:11:28 | by Zeirojuan
sibuyas Teacher: Juan translate the following: Lets help one another. . . Juan: Tayo’y magtulungan. . . Teacher: Let’s strive together. . . . Juan: Tayo’y magsikap. . . . Teacher: Because in union there is strength. . . . Juan: D...
21-02-26 07:00:52 | by Zeirojuan
Saving 4ever 4 U b...
Hooooh Ive never been so sure About anything before But this loving feeling Gonna be a feeling I feel forever more Looking in your eyes Tomorrows all I see Long as theres forever, baby I will always be Saving forever for you, oh oh oh ...
21-02-25 18:58:20 | by iceen69
Somewhere only we ...
I walked across an empty land I knew the pathway like the back of my hand I felt the earth beneath my feet Sat by the river and it made me complete Oh simple thing, where have you gone? I'm getting old and I need something to rely...
21-02-25 10:12:43 | by wantobealone
Something I Need ...
I had a dream the other night About how we only get one life Woke me up right after two Stayed awake and stared at you So I wouldn't lose my mind And I had the week that came from hell And yes I know that you could tell But you�...
21-02-25 08:32:53 | by Hunting4Witches
Ang kuweto
ang kuwento ni inday Dahil sa tindi ng kahirapan sa probinsya, namasukan si Inday bilang katulong sa Maynila. Habang ini-interview ng amo..... . Amo: Kailangan namin ng katulong para mag-linis ng bahay,Magluto, maglaba, mamalantsa, mam...
21-02-24 20:17:21 | by Zeirojuan
The God Thing
"if this is ur God, he's not very impressive. He has so many psychological problem; he's so insecure. He demands worship every seven days. He goes out and creates faulty humans and then blames them for his own mistakes....
21-02-24 06:00:29 | by Hunting4Witches
fav söng
Wir haben die Wahl Wir können im Gleichschritt mitmarschieren oder unserer Stimme folgen und aufhören, nur zu funktionieren Wir haben die Wahl Wir könnten auch mal was riskieren Wir könnten uns verletzlich zeigen und die Hoffnung n...
21-02-22 06:52:29 | by pushpanjay
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