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Expect nothing &am...
Life is like a blackboard, and on it you write all the things that you do. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. One of the most important things that we can do is to live life how we imagined it to be. This may mea...
18-06-24 00:40:19 | by Tempest
Life is not a cont...
People yearn and dream to be successful and happy. They say that in order to do that, one has to have a competitive attitude. To me, while it is a good motivation to gauge one's capability to move up, being competitive can also ru...
18-06-23 23:44:55 | by Bloom
And i - boyzone
It's been a while how have you been doing Do you over think about me and you and All the things we used to do The times that we shared Well I've been looking for love and affection It's brought me back in your direction ...
18-06-23 17:03:43 | by Deanwinchester
Can You help Me by...
Living on the edge out of control And the world just wont let me slow down But in my biggest picture was a photo of you and me Girl you know I tried I worked hard to provide all the material things that I thought would make you happy I...
18-06-23 16:16:19 | by iceen
When a man likes a woman that much, he will do all that he could to be closer to her? Even if he is busy, he will make time to call her regularly, or write her emails and leave her Imo or text messages etc? If he has the means, he will...
18-06-23 15:28:01 | by Bloom
The wedding
Ito ang araw na inantay mo ng kay tagal Buhat nung ikaw ay natutong magmahal Nasaktan at nabigo, lumuha at natuto Ang pagibig nga pala'y hindi isang laro Sa milyon-milyon na tao dito sa mundo Ay may nagiisang nakalaan para sa'...
18-06-23 14:59:38 | by khriz_2
Mahal parin kita
Di maamin ng damdamin Na ngayo'y wala ka na sa aking piling Araw araw ang dalangin Ay mayakap kang muli at maangkin.... II Ngunit pa'no nga ba ang pag-ibig mo magbabalik Batid ko na nasaktan kita ng labis At sinabi ko sa o n...
18-06-23 14:55:43 | by Deanwinchester
Dear Ex
Matagal na din kitang hindi nakakamusta Kung di mo man ako matandaan ako yung taong naging parte ng buhay mo nuon. Akoy iisang taong tinuruan mong mag mahal. Ako yung taong mahal ka ngunit hindi nagtagal. Nakakatawa lang isipin parang ...
18-06-23 05:15:19 | by Izumi17
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