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Skip to content Lyricsvyrics HOLLYWOOD SONG ........ alas syete ng umaga Nakatayo ako sa aming gate Nag-aabang na sa kaniya sana ,di pa ako late Kumakabog ang aking dibdib , ang lakas ng aking faith Na ako ay kaniyang ngitian , kasing-...
21-04-16 15:28:10 | by LHen29
It was expressed the begning was by the song of birds following the redness of light in the eastern part of the direction that indicates the coming of sun in rising to the west direction of the earthscrust.
21-04-16 06:59:47 | by AnwarNuroHassen
The month of Unity, togetherness,spritness as well as render with in it. It was the 10th of the year from Islamic Calander as Hijra that was devidable in 3 of the month for the race of praying in this month every muslim sociaty love ea...
21-04-15 21:26:05 | by AnwarNuroHassen
sbi ko n nga b n drting ang tamang pnhon at mapapa tunayan ko n maling mali ang bintang sa akin.PRAISE GOD ngyn lumalabas n ang katotohanan sna kung gagawa kyo ng istorya eh dpt yung d ko n malaman ang katotohanan.miracle bng matatawag...
21-04-15 10:12:19 | by Mayumi1997
dangers of masturb...
Masturbation is a common activity. It’s a natural and safe way to explore your body, feel pleasure, and release built-up sexual tension. It occurs among people of all backgrounds, genders, and races. Despite the myths, there are actu...
21-04-15 01:21:39 | by deejsmasher
🌖 🌌 🌘
Sjeti se da si stvorena iz ljubavi.
Ogromne ljubavi.
Ni ti ne pristaj na manje od toga.
Jer vrijediš.
Jer zaslužuješ.
21-04-14 22:27:10 | by Mersybeaa
Gusto ko ng sabihin na mahal pa kita Pero di ko magawa 'di makasalita Kaya pasensya na Pasensya na Gusto ko ng sabihin na mahal pa kita Pero di ko magawa 'di makasalita Kaya pasensya na Pasensya na Hanggang tingin nala...
21-04-12 08:21:55 | by LHen29
Private Parts ..
You're private parts Classification list.. If you've had sex with: 1-5 ppl, it's still your p/parts. 5-10 ppl, it belongs to government 10-30 ppl, it belongs to the United Nations +30ppl.... you are now a Universal ...
21-04-10 07:32:34 | by ---__---
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