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Hindi sagot ang sex para masabi niyong mahal niyo ang isa't isa. Hindi rin sagot ang pagkuha ng virginity para masabi mong sayo lang siya at mas lalong hindi sagot ang pagkuha ng virginity para lang masabing tunay na lalaki ka. Hi...
15-11-22 02:31:42 | by luxury
"VIRGINITY" Maselan pag-usapan pero i-try nating bigyan ng kalinawan. Sa panahon ngayon, sinong magkasintahan ang virgin pa? Kung meron man malamang na nasa isang porsyento lamang ang kanilang bilang. Mga kaibigan, itanggi ny...
14-04-29 09:15:37 | by marielLe
Alam niyo minsan ang hirap sa Mutual Understanding na yan? Yung para bang tatamarin na kayo pumasok sa relasyon kasi halos parehas lang naman gagawin ng MU at ng nasa relasyon? Kapag naging kayo ano madadagdag? Karapatan na sabihin na ...
13-08-07 06:04:46 | by rowena26
..Dont judge me..
Living our lives on a day to day basis, and pursuing our dreams as our heart guides us to, requires us to not care about whether or not people approve of what exactly we are doing. Yet sometimes it is hard to live life without thinking...
13-08-05 06:00:05 | by badAngeL
May mga hacker ba dito na kayang mag crack ng session id ng mga member ng fz para yumaman naman tayo sa pearls sana may mga matatalino dito ung alam mag inject ng sql at shells para makuha natin ung tools ng mga mod at admins kung pwd ...
15-01-29 15:40:51 | by Flaw
Determine our Dest...
Life is a matter of choice. Everything we manifest in our day to day lives is the direct result of our choices along the way. Each choice automatically creates a consequence. From our choices other people’s lives are influenced for b...
14-02-06 15:50:21 | by rowena26
Respect Love
Have you ever regretted any move that you made for your loved one? I haven’t, and I doubt if you have. Remember the day when you had to skip work, because you had to help your partner who wasn’t feeling all that well? You don’t r...
13-08-05 13:22:18 | by amazeme
Im a proud servant...
Nursing for me is a Science, an Art and a Way of life. Science because a Nurse must have a knowledge of what the patient is having and how to deal with it therapeutically. It is also an Art because Nurses have unique skills to approach...
13-08-04 06:47:02 | by Zilah
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