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2 evry1 hu hate me
2 evry1 hu hate me
to every one who accuses me
of things I didn’t do, to
everyone who’s mean to me
because I followed my heart,
to everyone who hates me
for what I look like, to everyone who assumes i’m
stupid because of what I look
like, to everyone who calls
me a slut, to everyone who
says stupid shit about my
body… fuck all of you. I do what makes me happy, you
don’t know me, and I don’t
need anyone’s approval
except my own. i’m tired of
all the hate. I don’t feel any
need to conform to your ideals.
I’m doing me and that’s it..
13-08-18 11:06:15 | by ysnahverah18
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Abcdefghijklmnop potang inamo!!mamatay na sana lahat ng mahal mo sa buhay,ang mga magulang m0,kapatid mo pati ikaw,itaga mo to sa bato,wla pang pumalpak na sumpa ko lahat nagkakatotoo,tangnamu
19-12-04 13:49:46
_hug_43 God will punish you for misusing your power.😀
19-12-01 02:54:46
Loveprshnt but sometimes with some people ur wrong
19-09-22 19:42:33
Gayven Kulang ka sa height HAHH POTANG PANDAK na pokpok, nag pokpok nlng kasi SHORT KA eh hahaha, Bobo ka
19-08-28 05:52:08
ysnahvera18 fuck my fat pussy please aahhhh -sex- i want somebody to fuck me hard -sex-
19-02-15 00:18:11
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