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Obsession or what!?
Here is one guy in this site called Geridioni or whatever. I have more than 10 his accounts in my block list. Huh, he's stucked like glue and probably he's not gonna stop making himself desperate and idiot. He's angry i guess, he asked me to check his private and I didn't want to. So what? I am not looking for dicks nor I'm interested in some games! Those who knows me they know about me who I am. Whatsoever, just if you see that someone using my name or uploading some pics it's not me - you should report to admin team. (if you consider me as a friend) =but I've realized friendship here is so cheap :/
If I ever upload any pic of myself it's simple not half naked or nude. I love myself and I dont care if he steal my pics but I hate how that person uploading some pics which not mine. BTW, funny too, means he has no life. That's all =thanks :)
18-09-08 11:52:51 | by Mersybea
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Vampire too bad
18-09-15 13:41:05
Krack U did well By Blocking Him :) . Admins must Ban IPs of Such People !!!
18-09-13 07:29:37
Mersybea Here in this site so many girls, ladies showing half naked and nudes even in public and I never did but he stucked on me lol that's kinda weird.
18-09-09 10:41:59
Mersybea He's mental sick person, definitely need help and treatment in hospital. I feel pitty for him, he's just wasting his time but seems hella time he's got.
18-09-09 10:39:19
18-09-08 14:20:45
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