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Dear Ex-Boyfriend
Full fridge.
Empty stomach.
Broken heart.
We began like a reverse fairytale, starting with Happily Ever After.
In the beginning, your eyes were more powerful than your lies.
And someone like you was incapable of sin.
Believe me when i said you had me
But i was never your girlfriend.
You had my heart in strings.
But i was never your girlfriend.
Those strings weren't tied to your heart, they were attached to ur fingertips.
I'd call you puppet master if i didn't want to use those strings to hang you.
As if i chocking the breath out of your lungs now would produce the love the younger me so desperately needed.
What were you trying to accomplish?
What were you going to do with me after you broke me?
What did you want to take me apart for?
What did you need those parts for?
When i held the door to my heart open for you to go..
You ended up locking me out.
You did not love me,
And you did not leave me,
And i couldn't leave you.
I felt like i had to feed you,
And i starved myself to do it.
Cause you stayed at the dinner table asking for more and you growing hungry wasn't something i could afford.
And when i finally dropped you.
I broke.
I still haven't found a way back into my own heart.
And what's left in it seems like its beginning to rot.
So i broke a window.
Gave myself one more crack i didn't need to climbed back in and was glad to see that you had left indeed.
All the love i felt at first wasn't worth the pain i received but you're gone now.
And i still have these leftovers.
I guess that's why im writing this.
One last meal for you to eat,
And if this gives you the same food poisoning eating you gave me?
Dont blame me.
Blame the game.
Cause you played me.
The tables have turned.
And dinner for you is no longer served.
Dear ex boyfriend.
I hope you were hungry for what i needed to say.
I tried to save you for later,
But you just were not worth the wait.
-S Kisa
19-01-18 03:45:18 | by Coffeeholic
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_BLAZING_SNOW_ damn.... :(
19-01-21 14:47:08
bagito1990 so sad :(
19-01-18 14:50:33
anant1 Nice.
19-01-18 05:02:58
lady_rhein Nice👌
19-01-18 04:06:03
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