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I dreamed of someone last night, she's completely a stranger to me, yet i can feel her like i've known her for a long time, it was like a fantasy like how Romeo found his Juliet and a princess who fell inlove with her knight, but when i woke up, i knew already it was just a dream, but it was magical, i felt like there was something new or something deep within me that i still have to know more of.. :)
13-08-04 03:55:15 | by caz_aisaha-jupiturn
Views: 116142 | Like: 1520 * Unlike: 51 *
Therealmutya1903 Nice i luv it 😍👍👍💕💯
19-10-18 18:03:03
Caz_aisaha-jupiturn lol see the date when it was posted. It was over more than years ago, if you got insecurities for your self you better evaluate yourself bro hahahah
19-06-17 18:03:47
Blackthunderboltasia05 So much likes hmm I think it's unfair
19-02-09 12:55:28
magenta i dreamt like this before
18-03-21 03:51:58
Seina_Yamakawa nice blog :)
17-10-30 03:11:29
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