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You-my true friend
You-my true friend
Hope you're fine. you know what? I am very grateful that I met you because you changed me a lot. I am not afraid to make a relationship anymore, and all this is due to you. You have shown me how to love and how to love, and you will never forget every small thing made for me.
I love watching you smiling. Every time I talk to you, and every time I see you, you always take those sweet smiles to your face, and I can not hesitate to smile back.
In all these years, I am saving my feelings for you and after all these years, nobody knew about it. It is hard for me to hide, but I should! Now when I know that I am just your friend, then I will always be the same. I came to the decision that I should forget you and learn to be your friend.
I hope that someday you can think of me as a friend, who ever loved you and respected you. Always remember that I will still be here for you, as your friend. Although I would love to be your true love, but I am ready to be your friend. I hope you have found real happiness in your life, but if not, I am still here, I am waiting for you. I will always love you
19-05-20 11:10:04 | by DeHLi-bOYs
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_hug_ Bilat xd
19-05-21 07:19:34
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