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Taj Mahal India - Located at Agra
in Uttar Pradesh, the Taj Mahal is
one of the most splendid
masterpieces of architecture in
the world. It was Emperor Shah
Jehan who ordered the building
of the Taj Mahal, in honor of his
beloved wife, Arjumand Banu
who was later known as Mumtaz
Mahal, which means, the
Distinguished of the Palace. One
of the greatest monuments of
India has been listed amongst
the eight wonders of the world.
This monument was built in the
name of love and devotion. Do
you know which is this grand
Mughal monument situated in
the heart of India? It is the Taj
Mahal. It is considered to be one
amongst the eight most majestic
historical structures of the world.
This white marble structure was
the Mughal emperor, Shah
Jahan’s, gift for his dead wife –
Mumtaz Mahal. He loved his wife
so much that he ordered for the
best of artisans to create a
design as there has never been,
and something that cannot be
replicated. Having rejected
hundreds of designs he finally
approved of this blue print. He is
said to have personally
monitored the construction of
this building.
The most expensive white
marble was brought to Agra. The
structure combines ingredients
of Persian, India, Islamic and
Turkish styles of architecture. It
took twenty-two years to
complete the construction of this
architectural wonder. As per the
records twenty thousand people
were employed to work on this
magnanimous project, which
cost the Mughal emperor thirty-
two million Rupees. According to
the official documents, Ustad Isa
was the master architect.
In 1983, this grand monument
was announced by UNESCO to be
one amongst the UNESCO World
Heritage Sites. It was cited by the
authorities as: "The jewel of
Muslim art in India and one of
the universally admired
masterpieces of the world's
heritage." And thereafter it
attained global fame as one of
the seven wonders of the world.
Between to two to four million
tourists visit Agra, every year, to
see this structure. World leaders
ensure that visiting this global
tourist spot is a part of their plan
when visiting India. On her last
visit to India, Lady Diana spent a
long time in front of the Taj
Mahal, simply admiring its
Taj Mahal History :
Mumtaz and Shah Jehan were
married in 1612 A.D had 14
children together. The Empress
Mumtaz used to accompany her
husband in his military
campaigns, and it was in
Burhanpur in 1630, that she
gave birth to her last child, after
which she died. So great was the
Shah Jahan's love for his wife
Mumtaz, that he ordered the
building of the most beautiful
mausoleum on Earth for her, The
Taj Mahal.
As soon as construction work
began in early 1630, sculptors,
masons, craftsmen, and
calligraphers were called from
Persia, Ottoman Empire and
Europe to work on construction
of the Taj.
The architectural complex of the
Taj Mahal comprises of five main
elements: the Darwaza or main
gateway, the Bageecha or
garden, the Masjid or mosque,
the Naqqar Khana or rest house,
and the Rauza or the Taj Mahal
The actual Tomb of Mumtaz is
situated inside the Taj. The
unique moghal style architecture
combines elements & styles of
Persian, Central Asian, and Islamic
architecture. Most striking are
the black and white chessboard
marble floor, the four tall
minarets (40 m high) at the
corners of the structure, and the
majestic grand dome in the
On closer inspection, the lettering
of the Holy Quran verses around
the archways appear to be
uniform. The lettering spacing
and density has been customized
to give this impression to the
viewer. The impressive pietra
dura artwork includes geometric
elements & style, plants &
flowers, which are common in
Islamic architecture. The level of
sophistication in artwork
includes a 3 cm decorative
element containing more than 50
inlaid gemstones.
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Ghostlead_13 This structure is one of the magnificent engineering and architectural works in its time. Very historical. Timeless like those pyramids in Egypt. U'r doin a great job buddy. Keep it up.
13-08-08 17:43:23
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