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High school girls 1
*14 year old monica tim is a young beautiful girl.she is chubby,brown skin and short
monica was brought up in a silver spoon family,she is in sss1 she has 3 elder sisters and 1 older brother.monica is the last born of mr&mrs tim.
*** *** ***
(on monday after school hours,monica was walking along the road with her two friends....)
monica;gals,today was so nice (sighs)
lola;nica you are right my eyes were all set straight to that our new copper..that guy handsome like mad fact,he is more better than my boyfriend ola
linda;hmm,lola that copper might be handsome and be gentle tho the way am seeing him he can't just date one girl,i prefer ola than that mr hello.
lola;(cuts in) i knew it you are sneaking behind me doing rubbish with my own boyfi
linda;if you want to breakup with ola go ahead just because he is broke makes you dislike him abeg!
lola;boyfriend snatcher am not a public toilet like you that goes around sleeping with men(hissed)
linda;(furious) i just pity you very well
21-02-21 18:42:04 | by Babypreshious
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sidoforic4qeal Good job my Queenie Babypreshious, you will make a good story writer
21-02-22 18:34:37
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