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The God Thing
"if this is ur God,
he's not very impressive.
He has so many psychological problem;
he's so insecure.
He demands worship every seven days.
He goes out and creates faulty humans and then blames them for his own mistakes.
He is a pretty poor excuse for a Supreme Being."
21-02-24 06:00:29 | by Hunting4Witches
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Ghelo_An Do you believers even understand the actual concept of being “all-loving”? An “inconditional love” by god but can’t even forgive humans for eating a single fruit. lol
21-02-24 23:02:52
Ghelo_An Are we all responsible for all the mishaps which we, humans, are incapable to resolve them ourselves in the first place?
21-02-24 22:58:18
Ghelo_An How about getting murdered by the hands of people who can manipulate the law itself with their luxurious status?
21-02-24 22:56:35
Ghelo_An Does one of those “responsibilities” you assumed include dying from incurable disease and starvation?
21-02-24 22:52:32
Pallu1995 We all hv rsponsiblity in ds wrld.if we r incapable thn leave it
21-02-24 20:08:19
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