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IT and HRM
IT and HRM are sweet. dahil pag mag mag poprogram ang IT naghahanda naman ang HRM ng pagkain para sa beloved IT nya. Sarap ng buhay pag ganun, mag libreng tagaluto kana, d kapa makakagastos ...
17-11-04 11:22:44 | by xxarthurxx
Girls, why?
Bakit? Nanahimik yung mga lalake, tas ano? papasok kayo sa buhay nila. Magiging kayo tapos iiwan nyo din? Tapos gusto pa na friends paren pero kung itrato parang kayo paren. Pero mahuhuli mo na andaming nilalandi. Sana naman kung wala ...
17-11-08 12:03:51 | by Carl_
1 month ehi premiu...
📣 Update! Update! 📣 🔥 1 Month Premium EHI 🔥 ⚡ Super Fast Connection ⚡ ⏳ Fast Connect ⌛ 📶 Globe/TM • Open sa pocket WiFi • Rooted/Non-Rooted • Need Promo/GlobeSwitch • Try no load 🌐 Access For All ...
17-12-01 23:27:47 | by murderdoll30
you do not deserve...
Dear Fellow Human Being, You are born wild, You do not deserve to be tamed! Tell yourself, You do not deserve this! All those toxic words you have to listen from people, All those fears they try to pin on your mind, All those giggles t...
18-03-19 14:46:44 | by troyboss
There Is A Scarce Commodity In Our Families Today That Has Caused Each Unit To Go Haywire. That Scarce Commodity Is LOVE. Love As We All Know Has Been Seriously Abused In Our Age. Its Concept Can Never Be Easily Broken Down Cos Its So ...
18-03-09 17:23:10 | by sability
Be a Detective..
2 friends happen to witness a murder thats been comitted in a department store not far from their home. Mary is 27 and Single. She works in a barbershop. Stacy is 30 Shes a librarian also Single, she lives alone with her ...
18-03-11 08:05:37 | by bee_hive00
Earn real money
Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars weekly guranteed join link http://stipendsite.com/?ref=62237.. Earn real money online by working as a part time job easily, earn up to 2500$ dollars ...
18-04-17 01:24:39 | by Ben03
Thoughts....are like a tiny spark.. A simple spark that can be a flame....a fire.....a sun.....until it became a supernova.. A tiny thoughts that have a simple or deep info.....that can make an endles roots of other thoughts.. ...
18-05-05 16:28:17 | by bee_hive00
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