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* * Beware all user's 1/47051
What is your nick name 39/17098
Get wizdom here. 92/58252
Lovely qoute's 224/53490
Unmask d riddle: who can? 243/86029
Express urself::metaphor translation:: 93/106367
Fact about life..true/false. 110/66748
Joke: husband and wife.. 58/48165
Change y to i and add es 69/65842
Brain exercise 306/86197
If u are smart enough, answer this 258/87531
Your comment should begin with the last ... 200/86504
Good talk. everyone are welcome 2/6338
Akpor the comedian 48/84152
Jokes(must be over 18) -haha- 22/15595
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