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* Post your favorite songs! :) 1948/395311
* Your favorite artist 785/337833
* Reggae reggae reggae 101/105066
Name songs with the word "love"... 133/93913
Which song makes you remember your lover... 174/115307
An unforgettable lyrics u love... 143/106998
Favorite female artist/ 203/94326
Most played music on your playlist? 2/96
What music are you listening right now? 1994/366318
Yout favorite rock band/title of their s... 66/58888
Do you looking for a lifepartner for mar... 2/156
Your fevorite bollywood song ? 5/5938
Carenatidlam 1/183
Who loves taylor swift? 98/83204
Freestyle:u can do it 55/65299
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