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Meet up.... 26/2013
What's your favorite korean drama? 132/139635
I'm afraid of??? and why??? 92/112755
Name songs with the word "love"... 147/104163
-westlife world- 74/78419
Meet with benefits 1/15
Sex chat(roleplay) seduce ahhhh 246/30366
* Post your favorite songs! :) 2114/473502
Help me please? 2/35
Class time jokes 2/10
Single ladies meet single guys** 8/87
Dear diary : 1112/107057
Your comfortable attire when you hang-up... 75/113590
Ur best colour combination 164/138863
Chelsea fc news 1/8
I need help! 130/155945
Riddle me this 9/655
Morning sex o sex before sleep 81/15273
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