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* Who is your favourite football player 311/137881
Flat shoes or high heels 226/137103
I need help! 121/136760
Which sport is your favourite? 193/133374
What's your favorite korean drama? 116/127169
Your favourite brand in fashion world 118/126855
Ur best colour combination 150/125762
Drop a word. . . make people to search t... 96/125494
Which club in epl is currently in form? 65/124692
Your favorite anime/show? 162/123982
Messi and ronaldo who is better? 102/123641
Close ur eyes and type ur name 150/120743
Favorite hollywood actor/actress 81/119248
Whats ur zodiac sign? 204/117513
Who is your favourite coach 89/117289
Do you believes in internet love? 415/114238
Which song makes you remember your lover... 170/113297
John cena or randy orton? 126/111199
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