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Have u ever been in love?
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Sirtee23401 Franklin07 how dd u feel when engaged in sex?
I feel ok
18-03-17 23:01 Reply
ifelaadeobawa Yea i really like to be inlove with peoples and with my loved one . LOVE i reall and it exist
18-03-05 23:30 Reply
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18-02-03 18:14 Reply
r0ck_is_my_life yes tss😂
18-02-01 13:17 Reply
Franklin07 is it true that.. as scientist says if u meet some1 passby, en feels feeling of loving her.. the same passby feelings of love starts react?
18-01-26 09:55 Reply
Franklin07 Pretty836 Yes n deeply
his dick size fitable 2 ur vig....
18-01-26 09:48 Reply
Franklin07 VERALove80 AM N LOVE 4 REAL
how dd u feel when engaged in sex?
18-01-26 09:45 Reply
Franklin07 Imran4360 NO, I'm not
i know its becoz you know i tell you come we slept.
18-01-26 08:58 Reply
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