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Have u ever been in love?
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roely yes twice times but nou i -inlove- a boy i trust him 99:9%
13-09-17 12:36 Reply
azil123 yup ,but it hurts at the end
13-09-17 10:26 Reply
-cRazyiNlove- Yes, n0t once bt twice xd
13-09-17 08:30 Reply
Tony- Tony- Yes i m.
I mean once i hv ben in love .
13-09-17 07:00 Reply
ysnahverah18 Tony- Yes i m.
What does it mean to u :) ?
13-09-17 06:20 Reply
Tony- Yes i m.
13-09-17 06:11 Reply
ysnahverah18 ~What does it mean to u?and
~Was it REAL??

Ive been in love but everyone
else thinks they have and im
sick of it. love is HUGE. so big it
cant be completely discribed.
u think u fall in love in like a
week. no, u dont. be careful of what u say, cuz u MIGHT
not know what love really is..
13-09-17 06:06 Reply
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