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Ezzy-bwoy Kampala-uganda
21-04-17 12:01 Reply
missvannessa BASIRABASHIRUOLADE Anyone from jos
hey am frm jos too wat part are u
18-10-05 00:21 Reply
BASIRABASHIRUOLADE Hi guy it my birthday
18-09-21 11:42 Reply
18-09-19 22:56 Reply
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18-05-05 14:41 Reply
fallen_13 NelsonHernandez is a scammer. he is a negerian military who collect money
18-04-22 13:57 Reply
service FROM RIO
18-04-22 00:16 Reply
actionlady111 am from tin city,anyone from there?
18-04-19 00:15 Reply
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