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Diet or regular exercise
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Dfhvjsz Sleeping 🤣
20-09-01 18:16 Reply
White_swan_ Diet 😁
19-11-24 12:14 Reply
CEREBRO Taking Wine Or Water
19-09-09 18:35 Reply
eeyan0609 Anyone had tried "water fasting"? Is it really that effective on what is shown on youtube videos??
18-11-22 05:06 Reply
Kriko26 Sex is the best for perfect body .. no exercise no hard work so relaxing.

.so you wanna try?
18-07-08 02:29 Reply
Snow16 Both
18-04-30 15:47 Reply
dharam walk
18-03-02 14:47 Reply
heLL_doLL I think both are very important. It takes a lot of discipline to achieve it.
17-06-02 10:24 Reply
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