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Lol and dragon nest player here ...strategies and styles
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CEREBRO Darken Khuga Dragon Found In Night At Dragon Silent In Where No Leaf And Light
It Shakes When You Do The Right Thing And Fight When He Report
He Show He Eyes With The Night Stars Dark Light
It Has Body Like A Round Coil Machine That It Hang Around The Star Night
19-09-10 22:39 Reply
Hibiki25 sino po may extra account sa lol akin na lang 😊
18-12-04 11:21 Reply
Dawnbringer plat.2 here..any lane any..champπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
17-10-19 10:56 Reply
xxarthurxx Goldendick Ako amumu supp tank/farm, dr.mundo supp at yasuo t ...
silver hunter lvl 93
17-04-18 14:45 Reply
khazix Silver ako bumagsak ngayong season sa provi.
17-02-07 20:23 Reply
Goldendick Rjmonilla DN lvl80 holywood


Ako amumu supp tank/farm, dr.mundo supp at yasuo top.
16-11-23 19:31 Reply
Goldendick Nice mukang marami malalakas mag lol dito ah. Dati akong plat bumalik sa gold v. Advice lang marami bata pag weekends kaya wag kayong magrank mauurat lang kayo.hahahaha
16-11-23 19:28 Reply
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16-03-02 21:21 Reply
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