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Little kush~novel
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Consoliter Pls I Need Comments I'll Appreciate Dat
15-12-23 12:31 Reply
Consoliter NELSON'S P.O.V I Saw Kush Say Something When I Winked At Her I Smiled.I Tried To Focus On What I Was Scribbling But I Couldnt My Eyes Just Kept going Back To Her.Someone Tapped Me.It Was Will. "hey Bro. Staring At Her Again?" He Said. I Sighed. Pam Was Just Coming In. What The Heck! She Is As Clumsy As The Word! "hi Nelly" I Rolled My Eyes And Nodded. Mr. James Just Talked The Class Away. I Cant Wait For The Bell.Gosh! Am Staring At Kush Again! I Heard A Sigh- Dont Bother I Know That Was Pam.
15-12-23 12:19 Reply
Consoliter *CHAPTER ONE* KUSH'S P.O.V Am So Lazy Dis Morning And Its A Wednessday So I Get Ready For Prison, Not Dat I Hate School So Much But I Cant Help It. Mum Was Away For A Business Trip So I Had To Just Chill Out For Breakfast Alone. I Forgot To Tell You My Dad Is Late, He Had A Car Accident {the Other Drivers Fault} So I Beta Start Getting Used To Eating Breakfast Alone. After Eating I Just Got My Driver To Take Me To School.When I Got To School I Went To My Locker To Grab A Few Stuffs And I Headed To Class, I Had Arts. I Sat At My Usual Seat, I Looked Behind And Nelson Was At His Seat Scribbling Something On A Notepad. He Looked Up At Me And Winked... I Quickly Turned Away... That Jerk!.
15-12-23 11:52 Reply
Consoliter Hi Pweties Nd Handsums Am Consoliter Nd I Luv Writing Stories, I Just Thought I Shud Post One Of Them Here, Pls Comment If You Like My Story(i Hope U Do)
15-12-23 11:37 Reply
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