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What do you want to ask to our god..
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Warrior12 To have a happy life and to guide me and my family always
19-07-12 17:16 Reply
___chezka Papa G until when ako maghihintay???😢
19-07-05 13:42 Reply
Reheyn MEssY2015 Lord....bakit ako pa ung nging ganito??kelan ba un ...
Cheer up 😊 everything will be fine 😊 YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY 😊
19-05-28 17:00 Reply
Reheyn Dear God, I'm sorry, for I am a sinner and I always repeat the mistake that I did which is very is not probably good. But God I already told you to alleviate this kind of leisure :( pero bakit nag papaulit-ulit pa rin ako? Ayaw ko na Lord huhuhu ayaw ko nang maging makasalan huhuhu nakakapagod na huhu
19-05-28 16:58 Reply
Alwimalik Gods Mean (ALLAH)........
I Am Always Say To My Allah as Gave Me Your Great Guidlines Our Also Saying To Allah As Please Make More Strong Loves In My Heart For Your Lovers Our For Your Guardians Spical For Great Prophet Muhammad ( S.a.w.w) Our Imam Hussain(a.s)
19-04-13 05:46 Reply
dhayoe Bless me wit my family n others
19-03-21 17:09 Reply
S3cr3tm3 Are u real? 😊
19-01-18 23:55 Reply
Jace Lord, y is it that man should die ?
18-12-07 03:11 Reply
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