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Your favorite football team
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queenberry fc barcelona is bae any other club is bullshit
19-11-16 22:32 Reply
19-09-10 18:21 Reply
sky089 am a Chelsea fan and I love English league
19-06-12 00:52 Reply
Abiakom2 Blues are losing
19-01-19 20:30 Reply
Mhorvick Manchester United D Red Devils
18-09-28 10:09 Reply
Brightsonia31 It was just a pity for my team that's I lost a wonderful player CR7
18-09-20 03:30 Reply
Brightsonia31 I love my team real Madrid
18-09-20 03:29 Reply
Shedie149 fc barcelona_best club in the whole world
18-08-29 11:45 Reply
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