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ABDULSALAM My favourite artist is tiwa savage&my band artist is midnight crew.
13-08-30 03:06 Reply
mihai652 What about old bands? Anyone likes Pink Floyd or Iron Maiden? ;D
13-08-30 00:06 Reply
Justfungirl My favourite band is Papa roach and it's lead singer Jacoby Shaddix
13-08-30 00:01 Reply
Dragons I like akon and eminem, for band i like avenged sevenfold xd , i also like korean and japanese band, xD
13-08-29 23:19 Reply
roely my favorite is jan smit ;)
13-08-29 22:57 Reply
mihai652 What is your favorite artist or band? My favorite artist is Eminem and my favorite band is Linkin Park ;)
13-08-29 20:46 Reply
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