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Song and dedicated to whom????
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Ninuu All lob sings dedicated to psych karthik. 😉😉😉
20-10-19 22:10 Reply
jenjen Hindi tayo pwede by the Juans. I dedicated this to IAV
20-04-07 15:53 Reply
CEREBRO Wizkid-caro
To Whom Are Ready To Knew We Are Youth
19-09-07 13:10 Reply
CupidPrinzess dahan-- para sa kanya alam na nya sino sya xd
19-01-14 11:38 Reply
Fuck you by Lily allen..
to the assholes out there
18-10-12 17:05 Reply
Bella75 I rather hv bad tyms with u than gud tyms with sum1 else, I rather be beside u in a storm thn safe nd warm by my self, I rather hv hard tyms together thn 2 hv easy apart, I rather hv da one who holds my heart....MY couple Black011, i lv u
17-06-30 16:47 Reply
maryhannah I'm sorry honey becos every tyn I did to u z so wrong
17-06-25 01:45 Reply
_-_-_-_-_- I missing u-to my long lost fren khani
17-05-28 10:51 Reply
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