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what i used 2 be
You know what? YES, I HAVE CHANGED. I’m not as nice as I used to be, because I don’t want to get used or walked over, I don’t trust everyone and tell them my secrets, because behind every fake smile is a backstabbing bitch. I distance myself from people because in the end, they're all going to leave me. I have changed because I realized that "IM THE ONLY PERSON I CAN DEPEND ON"
13-08-10 12:43:52 | by catalyst_group
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brianna12s o-o I'm..... suprised by you...
13-08-15 17:44:04
IIKushyIIHushII so true!
13-08-10 12:49:59
_prettylia_ Like na like  -great2-
13-08-10 12:48:24
Abhiegail yep agree!
13-08-10 12:45:25
Justfungirl So fu*king true ...
13-08-10 12:44:57
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